To all #workers , #farmers and #soldiers of the USA #Trump #2020elections #elections #USA #StopBiden


The Mafia of tycoons supported by lying mass-media and corrupt cultural figures have done all they could to overthrow the great President Donald John Trump. They instilled a paranoid fear of COVID-19. Using gangs of black-hundred terrorists obsessed with racial prejudice they tried to plunge this country into chaos. They went to outright fraud and simply stole the elections of November 3. Now they are draggigng crazy Biden to power, hopping to use him as their puppet. "Democratic" heirs of the slave-owning planters want to establish their tyranny in the United States and turn this great country to a reign of terror. Unfortunately, they are now close to victory.

It seems that nothing is able to prevent a great disaster. But this is not the case. The fate of the country is now in your hands! 

Workers! Farmers! Soldiers of the glorious American Army! You are the producers on whose shoulders the state rests. You are the People! And they are a bunch of enemies of the people. They must be stopped.

To arms, working America! Unite in the regiments of the people's militia! Let them become the basis for the Red Army - which will stop the offensive of the Blue.

Nowadays, many state institutions are in the hands of enemies of the people - so you will need your own agencies of representation. Elect your representatives to the Councils of workers', farmers' and soldiers' deputies - and let your deputies perform their duties withot interrupting their main work. Let them make decisions - and let them direct the implementation of these decisions themselves, being constantly among you and under your control.

Capture factories and plants, transport hubs and communication hubs. Let the Councils of workers', farmers' and soldiers' deputies get its hands on all the power of american industry - in order to successfully resist the power of the financial oligarchy. 

A great battle is coming - a battle for the future of the United States, a battle for freedom! And in this battle you have nothing to lose but chains - the chains of the new slavery that the "Democratic" Administration brings with it.

May America be great - and will always remain so!

All power is for the Councils of workers', farmers' and soldiers' deputies!


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